Exploring life together with fellow
Dreamers, Doers, DIYers, and Dog lovers!

Hi, I’m Erin. Thanks for taking a little time to find out more about me.

A few years ago I started sharing some pictures on Instagram (@erinxplores) from my life on-the-go as a frequent business traveler, from international vacations and road trips closer to home, or lovely flowers from my garden or moments with my dogs. But I have often felt there was more that I would like to share than a photo caption really allows. Now I am excited to have the format to easily share more stories though this site!

My personal philosophy of Explore Every Day has developed from an intentional mindset to quiet my inner dialogues and instead to consciously be still, observe, explore, all with the intention to be fully in that moment – away from all the other noise and demands of life.

I look forward to sharing stories and photos about my life with big dogs, and from my current and previous home improvement adventures, travel, and more. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration!

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