It’s November 1, Where’s your Christmas Gift List?

The calendar has flipped over to November now and gift giving season is ahead of us. As the seasons change, you might be making your own gift list or looking for some ideas for Christmas and holiday gifts or simply to refresh and organize your own space.

So, whether you’re fall cleaning like I am or getting ready for the holidays, here’s 3 ideas to get your creative and organizational energy flowing!

First up – this 24-pocket baseball hat organizer from Unjumbly simply hangs over a standard height door (or closet door) with included door hangers, no tools needed at all!

The deep pockets hold baseball caps in place, and keeps them up off the ground and away from the dogs, and generally helps a lot to keep my husband’s hat collection under control!

Available on Amazon.

Another handy organizer, The Original Laundry Guard, these magnetic rails are super strong and work on top of your washer, dryer or fridge to organize the things we all stack on top and keep them from falling off to the side or behind you appliance.

Mine are on top of the washer helping to keep the laundry detergents and fabric softener from sliding off the top of the machine once it gets into spin mode!

Available on Amazon.

Now that the evenings are darkening earlier, adding waterproof, wireless, solar powered walkway lights to your entrance is a quick and easy outdoor project.

Not only does this add safety for your visitors and delivery drivers alike, it adds tons of curb appeal!

I installed mine with outdoor grade 2-sided tape in just a few minutes, and I hope you get as many compliments on your project as I have on mine!

Available on Amazon.

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